Happy times

Bren is on leave for the next 2 weeks! Couldn’t be happier to have him around more. :) happy that he gets to have more rest too.

Have been spending a lot more time cooking & baking since both of us have the time to eat together more often now, and it stretches the dollar more too.

Went to town this afternoon and just spent time window shopping & chatting about friends, work, colleagues and things in general. Always something to be amused about, always something to share. :) happy times!

Okie, Bren is chasing me to quickly finish updating my blog cos he wants me to play games with him, haha. Not that I’m much of a gamer (actually, am a very poor one), but if it makes him happy…..I’ll try. :p

A few pictures of the past week:








Have a blessed week ahead!

Teacher’s Day weekend :)

Just came back from our Teacher’s Day Retreat, and tummy is so pampered with all the good food. Had Korean BBQ grill buffet, and especially loved the beef bulgogi. More importantly, the sweet fellowship was what I enjoyed most. Seeing the team bonding with one another, laughing and cracking jokes…it made me happy. We laugh together, we cry together. We pray together, for we are one Body of Christ. :)

Over the past week, met up with Carol too. How I’ve missed her… Meet ups with her always touch a very sweet spot in me, and I glean lots of wisdom from her. Looking foward to when she comes back again in December – she will be teaching me how to bake egg tarts! Ha..ha… Let’s hope I make a good student.

Thankful for a restful weekend ahead. Sabbath…… :) & perhaps some baking too. Yay.






Baking together

Love it when Bren & I cook/bake together. Though he would sometimes lament that it’s too much effort, he would be pleased when the outcome turns out nicely. ;)

Last night, we decided to bake a St Clement’s pie – lemon & orange tarty flavor. Was just lovely for our breakfast this morning.

Yum yum.


Bccsc Awareness Week

Had our annual Bethesda Care & Counselling Services Centre (BCCSC) Awareness Week this weekend, and it was nice seeing how the church members came foward to offer their help. Kaelyn popped by too, and colleagues had a sweet time getting to know her. She’s such a people person. :)


I have my husband back!

It has been nothing short of a huge sigh of relief to know that he has finished the busy season with this client he has been serving for the past 8 months. He has been able to meet me more regularly these weeks, and yesterday was our celebratory dinner to celebrate that truly – he is back! Haha.. Being able to spend more time together is such a blessing that we don’t want to take for granted ever again.

This week, received sweet gifts from friends & also had a fun time over a farewell dinner with colleagues. Very fruitful week at work too, with a lot of high-priority matters settled. Yay.

Have a blessed weekend everyone! I’m definitely taking it slow…and enjoying the time with Bren. :)






Feeling incredibly blessed and am blissfully basking in His love. No words can describe how sweet this long weekend break has been. That’s why I love taking pictures…I just love reminiscing the good times, and to give thanks to Him who is the source of all good things. :)