Taipei: Day 4 & 5


“Popcorns for breakfast. Tsk tsk.” 

That was from Bren. Haha…such an indulgence for me. Well, I don’t think it’s good to let the huge tub go to waste. 

Bren is taking in the clothes now while I type this. Am thankful. :D

Wonder what we’ll be doing…or where we’ll be going today. 

At Taipei 101 now, and the view is pretty amazing. Reminds me of how big the world is…and how tiny we really are.



Fruitful and fun time today. Walked a lot…hopefully walked off a bit of the bubble tea and beef noodles that we love and can’t stop enjoying ! 





On the flight back now…so many lovely memories to relish over. Thank You Lord. :)


Taipei: Day 3


Didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up abruptly at midnight, and in my sleepy state, Bren whispered to me about the Malaysian Airlines’ very tragic incident. Couldn’t quite sleep after that. Was so shocked and heartbroken…and was reminded of how fragile life is, and how we truly are in the end-times. Only God fully understands what’s happening, and I take heart that He cries with us. We’re never alone in our pain. 

Made me think a lot about the decisions I make and how it impacts the people around me, especially my loved ones. Bren has been talking about how I’m recently very tired by the time I’m back from work, and how we don’t get much time to catch up with each other these days cos our work week is just too demanding. Makes me sad realizing that…and as much as I try, a lot of it is beyond my control. 

But with the stark and painful reminder of how precious life is (oh, how many times does God need to remind me this year…), I’m slowly taking brave steps of faith towards building a better, healthier lifestyle that suits this season of our lives. Both of us desire children of our own, and if we continue in this state of busy-ness, with not much time for each other…how are we going to be parents who have time for our children? 

No idea how exactly things are going to pan out, but we’d a long talk this morning about my career, my health, and our need to support and trust in God’s purposes. Step by step. Baby steps most of the time…and sometimes I scurry backwards when pressure mounts…but thank God for His grace that guides me back to His path. 

We watched Planet of the Apes in the afternoon, and are now chilling out before our visit to Shilin Night Market. Going to treasure these moments together…because for many in that plane…sigh, my heart goes out to them & their loved ones. 




Taipei: Day 2

17/7 10:25am Can’t believe we’re still snuggling at this time, haha. If not for my alarm at 8am, I’m not sure what time we’ll be awake. :p Loving this chill-out pace. Bren is thinking of his bubble-tea again… 6:40pm Weather is really hot. We bought an umbrella just to shield ourselves (okay, more for me) […]

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Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary: Taipei Day 1

Came back last night from our trip. It was a trip to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, though it’s way in advance. Nobody’s complaining tho! :) Thankful for a lot of time to jot down my thoughts, and thankful for a break with my dear husband. Many things happened during this trip, mostly internally within […]

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His miracle :)

Dear friends, if you have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember when I asked for your prayers for my sister & her baby’s condition early in January. Though it was incredibly painful, and baby boy was lost…it is with great joy that I’m now sharing with you that my sister is […]

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15 years!

This week has been so intense. Lots of meetings, planning and prayers needed. Also had a few meet ups after work which were refreshing, though I was physically quite worn out by the end of the week. :) Have been trying to make more time for catching up with friends, while balancing the demands of […]

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FamFest & a little gift!

Celebrating the family this weekend, and it was nice seeing many in white at church. Indeed, it’s not just a symbol of purity & virtue, but of Christ as well. May we be more and more Christ-like with each passing day… Oh and Bren bought me a little gift! In advance, for our “dating anniversary”. […]

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I will praise Him at all times… :)

So much to give thanks for. Especially in times like this, when i don’t understand many things…I choose to praise & worship Him. And choose to see with His eyes…that I may have a glimpse of divine revelation, and praise Him even more. Was amazing how my workday turned out yesterday. Did absolutely nothing that […]

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A time to savor…

Had such a great time with colleagues last night, laughing and laughing and laughing …till my cheekbones seriously ached. Reminisced the good ol’ days, the “little (cheeky) terrors” that left deep impression on us…and had a sweet time basking in the fellowship of one another. It was truly a time of savoring the fruits of […]

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At the end of the day…

Or at the end of this life…I just want to remember that I am LOVED. And for you to know, that YOU are LOVED too. That’s all that really matters. Loved by the Almighty God. Thank You Jesus…

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