Babymoon in Hong Kong: day 1

We’re in Hong Kong! 👋🏻
Will update as we go along, since we’re having a relaxing, no-plans-made trip. Actually, it’s really our favorite way to travel. We go to the country of choice, then decide where to go as we go along! No itinerary needed. 😋
22/5 fri 5:31am – 
As we travel to Hong Kong for our babymoon, God is reminding me of our wedding verse – 
Colossians 3:12 “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

It’s been almost 5 years of marriage. Looking back, some days {esp the first month} were especially, especially hard. I would be so sad when arguments happened, and at times I would be crying and feeling like the lousiest wife ever. 
But as we progressed by the grace of God, I could literally taste and see the goodness of our God. He graciously showed us how – unlike the world’s view – marriage is not for the happiness of each other, but was actually created for our holiness’ sake. As I consciously chose to serve Bren as unto the Lord, it became a lot easier and more joyful, even when I did things that I was not used to. Over time, I could sense him reciprocating too. :) I learnt to appreciate his quirks and sense of humor, and slowly grew to accept that he is made differently from me, but most importantly, in the image of God too. 
As we celebrate {almost} 5 years of His faithfulness in our marriage, I pray for us to be wise stewards of this miraculous gift of a child. That we will recognize how every good and perfect gift is from Him, and it is nothing that we earned nor deserved. It truly is all by His amazing grace. 
May we be rooted and grounded in love, and to grow in kindness towards each other too, knowing that we are completely imperfect people, deeply loved by our perfect God. 
3:04pm – 
oomph, just had a very sumptuous meal @ Tung Yuen Banquet, just a 5 mins stroll from our hotel. Great recommendation from the concierge! 
It’s so interesting to hear everyone converse in Cantonese {and no, we’re not proficient in it, hee hee}, and rushing about everywhere. It was fun figuring out what was on the menu, and hoping that we ordered food that we’d like! More hits than misses, we’ll say. :) 
Bren says this is the type of holiday he loves. :) reason being, we just woke up from a nap, haha. I definitely don’t want to overexert myself during this babymoon, and my dear husband could also certainly benefit from the extra rest. I like it this way!
We had coffee {him} and hot chocolate {me} before our dinner at the nearby mall. It was one of my highlights of the day, as we chatted about how our marriage has been, what we need to work more on, and what we’ve improved at. It’s our little tradition to evaluate where we are during our annual vacations, and I always really look forward to it. 
We talked, laughed, came to a few agreements, and thanked God for seeing us through the first few years of marriage, which we know are notoriously the hardest for every couple. 
Later, stumbled onto a quiet spot to rest at Hong Kong Garden, and if it was not because it started to rain, we would have lingered there a bit longer. 
Looking forward to day two! 💝

Family love


We celebrated brother’s birthday in advance few days ago because Dad had a surgery scheduled for today. Praise God that his surgery has ended, and he is now resting in the high-dependency ward. Praying for his speedy recovery!

On days like this, I’m so thankful for the simple joy of having a family, and how no matter what, each of us still try to make time for one another. :)

Our little “boss”

Kaelyn is a very caring child. Super sweet, and sometimes a little surprising with how “adult” she can be, which can translate at times to being a little bossy, haha. But in a cute way! 

This was a random picture taken during a bus ride after church on Sunday. Love how Mummy is smiling so sweetly. :)

This little “boss” had adorable conversations with us over dinner that night. One of which involved the eating of cherries…

She told my Mum, “婆婆, you cannot eat cherries. Else, you’ll cough. You & mama cannot eat cherries. Okay? I don’t want you to cough.”

My mum gave a sad look, to which she became concerned, and a little frustrated, but continued, “婆婆, you really cannot eat! If you cough, how? You cannot eat cherries okay, but I still love you.”

I think the last part just melted all of our hearts. 😋

Sunday School moments 

Mum took this picture of Kaelyn with Rachel, one of my friends who is also involved in the Sunday School ministry. 

It’s such a joy seeing Kaelyn enjoy herself with other friends and teachers that she only see once a week, or even sometimes once a fortnight. She would proudly tell me the names of her friends and teachers, especially when we see them outside of the Sunday School context. 

Such a joy to see her develop greater confidence and grow in her rapport with this community! A huge blessing to have wonderful people care for her. ☺️

Thanksgiving, always 

Battled a week of the horrid flu bug, and couldn’t do much but rest and rest even more. 

But in the midst of the discomfort, there were thanksgiving moments too. ☺️ Spots of rest where I enjoyed onion gratin soup for quiet tea in town, bought a blackforest cake back home – just because, and prepared baked chicken pasta for Bren and I over the weekend. 

Small moments, but thankful ones nonetheless. 

Hope you’d a great week! 

A very special Mother’s Day

Thinking back on how yesterday unfolded, I’m in awe of how good God is. Bren was not well, so he stayed home while I headed to church. I just reminded myself to go with the flow, and be present for all of the blessings that God had in store, and boy…..was I glad I did. 

Julia texted me and we arranged to catch up over breakfast in church. She gave me my first Mother’s Day gift! Totally unexpected. Kaelyn started out a little grumpy, but very soon became her cheerful, helpful self again, assisting strangers in putting coins into the drinks vending machine. The church gave out red carnations for all the mummies, and it was my own dear Mummy that gave me mine. 😊 The sermon was on the nurturing aspect of Mums, and the testimony I submitted to the church was published yesterday. Cannot think of a better timing for it to be shared! May it bless many & glorify Him. 


Had lunch with the cell group, and got to chat with the daughters of my cell group leader, who are maturing into such adorable young girls now! We literally watched them grow up, so it’s amazing how our conversations are now. They treat many of us aunties like their old friends! Too cute. Enjoyed the lunch fellowship with Julia & Rachel too, and Julia & I ended up staying at the restaurant till late in the evening! Lots to catch up on and it was fun just chilling out together. 

What was most amazing was how Julia ended up being baby’s Godma by the end of our chat! We realised God had been speaking to each of our hearts regarding this, and I was praying for the right moment to ask her. Turns out, God’s plan was for it to happen right on Mother’s Day! What a memorable day it was for both of us. Baby is incredibly blessed! I cannot think of any other person whom I’ll trust more to love, pray for, and bless our dear baby. Thank you Lord for this gift! 

So loved, just as we are. 

Thank You Father, for displaying Your love in such a beautiful manner…..💕