A different season :)

Today marks the last day of work before the start of a decidedly different season of life. It’s hard to write much about it now, though I think in time to come, more will be suitably shared… But I’m taking time off work to prepare myself for this new season, and I’m waiting with an open heart. :) open to see what God has in store.

Had a fantastic weekend, though it flew past as usual. Spent time celebrating Julia’s birthday tonight too, and it was lovely just soaking up the breeze and chilling out at the riverside, sharing the cake-in-cup I got for her. Sweet times. Worthy to be etched in our memories…always so much laughter when we catch up.

Going to sleep soon…trusting for a blessed night’s rest & an amazing long weekend ahead. Yay!





A long, fruitful weekend :)

Am so incredibly thankful for the long weekend. It was much anticipated, and with so much heartbreak going on the world right now, I’m really giving thanks for every single thing… Lord, have mercy on us.

Did a lot of cooking, a lot of baking, a lot of time with my loved ones…and a sweet, sweet time drawing nearer to God.

Hope you’d a great weekend too!









Before the week begins…

I give thanks for a restful weekend. :)

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Therapeutic cooking…

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A jumbled-mix Wednesday…

At one end, I look at the children’s sweet faces and smile…loving their honest and genuine selves, burps and all. At the other end, I know I’ve come to realise that the work is taking a toll on me – on my health and my time. At one end, I know that it’s all about […]

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A sweet Tuesday…

Bren just went down to buy toothpaste, while I’m relishing the sweet fellowship I’d with my work gals tonight. Bren and I managed to catch a bit of a good HongKong show that we love to watch together too. It’s the seemingly tiny things like these that tug at my heart strings. Very sweet. Very, […]

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A restful Monday…

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July 23rd

The day I stepped out in faith in a major decision made. Lord, I need You to open the way for me. Though it may look impossibly challenging, I trust that You’ll lead me through. Now…to enjoy the long weekend. :)

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Taipei: Day 4 & 5

19/7 10:19am “Popcorns for breakfast. Tsk tsk.”  That was from Bren. Haha…such an indulgence for me. Well, I don’t think it’s good to let the huge tub go to waste.  Bren is taking in the clothes now while I type this. Am thankful. :D Wonder what we’ll be doing…or where we’ll be going today.  3:55pm  […]

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Taipei: Day 3

18/7 4:32pm Didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up abruptly at midnight, and in my sleepy state, Bren whispered to me about the Malaysian Airlines’ very tragic incident. Couldn’t quite sleep after that. Was so shocked and heartbroken…and was reminded of how fragile life is, and how we truly are in the end-times. Only God […]

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